The Information and Statistics Network


    One of the main aims of the Ministry of Energy in Iran is to consider the quality and quantity of producing statistics and improving processing the data in the technical field of water,  wastewater & electricity industries. In order to collect, classify and inform this information, we cannot be successful if the appropriate ways inside the system do not to be chosen.
  There is no doubt that information and statistics for planning and making decision in systems are the most powerful capital factors which influence the planning. So, exact, careful, fast, correct, classified and suitable data is needed for all addressing group of every systems. Specially, the Ministry of Energy has industries that statistical elements and data factors can make last influence in planning.            
  Ministry of Energy needs a careful planning in collecting and organizing data in a portal to inform the community. So, to review and choose the ways of informing community  the Information and Statistic Group in Ministry of Energy, is establishing the "Information and statistical network" with address below:

 It is the network or portal for informing the main information and statistics of the Ministry, also it is an official reference of issuing the statistics in Ministry of Energy.
Central Part 
In this part the last condition of the water and electricity industry is shown,

 Latest Statistical Reports:    

The latest statistics about water and electricity industries, presented by high level managers of the Ministry of Energy will be compared with other parts.

Some important parts in the site
Statistical Reports
There are five parts in statistical reports covering the Electricity sector, Renewable Energies, Water, Wastewater & Main reports.
Acts Rules
This part is about the Statistical System in Ministry of Energy in Iran & also National Development Plan for the country between Iranian years 1396 – 1400


.This database is part of the real-time project (current-world statistics) developed by an international team of researchers, developers, and volunteers with the goal of making world statistics more attractive to all users with a time-based approach to the world. It is managed worldwide.
The statistics sources of this site are carefully selected and contain only information published by the world's most famous statistical agencies and agencies whose list of names are available on the site itself. For example, various United Nations offices and other important international organizations are among the statistical sources of this site.

The numbers and counters on this site represent the real time of the numbers, calculated on the basis of an algorithm that is estimated at the last and most accurate statistical information available and accurately estimated at one thousandth of a second, and in their special part is presented. This information is set according to the specific clock of each visitor's computer.

The information is available in 32 major languages ​​of the world and originated from January 1 (from January 1st at 00:00 onwards, the first of the year).

 The Information and statistical network in Ministry Of Energy is dynamic, upgraded daily and any suitable comments for innovations are welcomed gladly.


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