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The Information and Statistic Network

      One of the main aims of the Ministry of Energy in Iran is to consider the quality and quantity of producing statistics and processing the data in the technical field of water and electricity industries. In order to collect, classify and inform these information, we can not be successful if the appropriate ways inside the system not to be chosen.

  There is no doubt that information and statistics for planning and making decision in systems are the most powerful capital factors which influence the planning. So, exact, careful, fast, correct, classified and suitable data is needed for all addressing group of every systems. Specially, the Ministry of Energy has industries that statistical elements and data factors can make last influence in planning.            

  Ministry of Energy needs a careful planning in collecting and organizing data in a portal to inform the community. So, to review and choose the ways of informing community  the Information and Statistic Group in Ministry of Energy, is establishing the "Information and statistical network" with address below: & &Lang=en-US

 It is the network or portal for informing the information and statistics of the Ministry, also it is an official reference of issuing the statistics in Ministry of Energy.

It is the network or portal for informing the information and statistics of the Ministry of Energy, also it is an official reference of issuing and disseminating the statistics.


What is a statistical portal?

    It is a home site for web browser or it is an electronic central site to inform the community about the Ministry of Energy statistics. This portal tries to search the statistical information of each part, to make them up to date and to classify them to present to the addressing groups.

   In fact this network is a statistical reference which cooperates with all parts of the Ministry of Energy such as main body, companies, educational centers, faculties and authority technical companies.

Goals and Targets:

-To inform properly about water and electricity statistics by a central network

 -To present the exact statistical information with simple classification
  -To collect water and electricity industrial statistics and make them available

 - To conduct the statistical automation system and fasten to present the functional reports

 How to install the data:

Installing the data in this site can be done in two ways:  1.Link, 2. File,

  1. Link:

One way is searching and finding the other water and electric industrial statistics sites and links them to this site.

2. File:

Data in files can be seen as PDF/HTLM/Word/ Excel, etc… files in the site.

 Site map

This site is planned to inform the professional and classified data to the addressing groups including contents below:   

Main Menu:

1)      About us: In this part, visitors can contact us and also there is a voting part

2)      Definitions, concepts and Standards     

3)      Statistical laws and orders

4)      National statistical portal

5)      Statistical soft wares

6)      Statistical words

7)      Statistical articles

8)      Related sites

9)      Statistical links of companies

10)  Statistical photo reports

11)  Statistical automation system

 Center of the page:

In this part the last condition of the water and electricity industry is shown,

1)  Statistics from authorities:

The latest statistics about water and electricity industries, presented by high level managers of the Ministry of Energy will be compared with other parts.

2)  News:

The last news including statistical information of all Ministry of Energy companies which broadcasting in all media.       

3)  Function reports:

Function reports are available in several shapes (such as annually/ monthly/ planned/ periodic/ governmental/…), also the budgeting and credit condition.

Technical Parts:

    This part at the right side of the page includes the subjects such as water, wastewater, electricity, renewable energies, human resources, researches and innovation services on which all data are available in reports, indicators, indexes definitions, contexts, standards, etc at technical parts for addressing groups.    

Some important parts in the site:

 Statistical indicators:
There are statistical indicators in diagrams, graphs to show the information about water and electricity industries.     

Chosen Statistical information:
The chosen statistical part includes the important daily related information which is shown in brief.           

This network has an independent CMS which is available in Ministry of Energy Intranet. It has also a different logo and pages.    

The Information and statistical network in Ministry Of Energy is dynamic, upgraded daily and any suitable comments for innovations are welcomed gladly.